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Submissions FAQ


Interested in submitting a manuscript...? 

We are a very small and newly established press. We publish primarily non-fiction, research-based writing on adolescents and adolescent development. Please read our mission statement, reproduced below--this will give you a good idea of the types of works we'd be interested in publishing. We produce books, booklets, pamphlets and eBooks. Our current focus is on producing works which offer tangible support for parents, educators and mental health professionals that serve youth and families. We are accepting submissions for works to be published in 2013. Please carefully read the submission guidelines below.

Adolescent Girls


Where Do I Submit Materials? 

Contact Info: Fine Optics Press

Attn: Submissions 

5665 College Avenue, Suite 340C

Oakland, CA 94618

Phone: (800) 721-7050

E-mail: fineopticspress <at>


Do You Accept Simultaneous Submissions or Submissions by Email? 

Yes, we accept simultaneous submissions and submission by email. If submitting by email, please submit the manuscript as a .pdf along with a one-page query letter describing the project.

In What Format Should I Submit Material? 

Please submit your manuscript as a .pdf, set in 12 point Times New Roman typeface, with one inch margins throughout. Manuscripts should be in Chicago style. Book-length projects should be no more than 450 pages total.

How Long Does it Take You to Respond and Do You Return My Manuscript? 

It usually takes 2-3 months for a full response. Please don't get discouraged. If we're interested in pursuing your submission, we'll let you know that within the first few weeks after receiving the materials. We do not return manuscripts.

What Will You Actually Do For Me...Aren't You Just a Tiny Little Publishing Company? 

Yes. We're a tiny little publishing company, but that's how small companies start--as tiny little companies, just a twinkle in a publisher's eye. The more authors who take a chance on us and vice-versa, the more we'll grow. You might consider sending us your material because:

  • You don't want to venture into the search for an agent at this point or try your luck with an established publisher;
  • You don't want to spend time sending in unsolicited manuscripts to publishing houses (which, in most cases, will trash your manuscript without opening it);
  • You want to do explore something in between "self-publishing" and going about the process of producing and selling a book on your own;
  • You'd mainly like to write and revise the work, but not worry about producing the finished product for sale and;
  • You want help with:
    • The ins and outs of book production, from getting your ISBNs and Library of Congress Catalog information to registering advance book information with Bowker and getting the work distributed through Ingram and other distributors
    • Editing (developmental, line and copyediting)
    • Cover design and production
    • Inside book design and production
    • Getting your book printed and sold at the major online retailers, e.g., with Amazon, Barnes and Noble.
    • Getting your book converted to eBook format and sold online


What Will You Pay Me or How Much Do I Have to Pay? 

We pay royalties for books or, in some cases, will offer an advance against royalties--it depends upon whether or not we feel the market is solid for the work. If you we decide to work together to produce and publish your work, you'll pay a flat fee, under terms to be outlined in a publishing agreement signed by all parties before we begin work. 



How Many Titles Do You Produce Each Year? 

We plan to produce 1-2 titles each year and currently have 1 title in print with another title upcoming in 2013. Please take a look at our inaugural title The Approximate Parent


What is Your Overall Mission? 

Fine Optics Press seeks to:

  • Inform, engage and enliven parents, educators and mental health professionals about the currentlifeworlds of American adolescents

  • Translate the latest research on adolescent brain development in a practical way for a non-scientific audience 

  • Bring a multi-disciplinary approach to the study and support of adolescents and pre-adolescents, engaging insights from such diverse fields as philosophy, psychology, cognitive neurobiology, and media studies 

  • Promote media literacy and fluency in understanding media as crucial 21st-century survival skills

  • Support and ease the work of parents, teachers and mental health professionals who support adolescents daily

  • Encourage reading and thinking about teens

Teen BoyOur mission can be advanced in many ways--and doesn't necessarily require the production of a book-length project. We publish incisive works, that is, "intelligently analytical and clear-thinking" works about teens and supporting teens. There are many publishers that are seeking works on parenting and adolescents--it's one of the most saturated genres in non-fiction publishing, so we're looking to distinguish our works as scholarly, yet highly accessible. We aren't (although many publishers are) interested in works in the traditional "self-help" vein or works solely based on personal experience. But if your work is highly original and significantly informed by current, cross-discplinary research and thinking, then we're interested.


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