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Founded in 2011, Fine Optics Press is a publisher of incisive works on American teens. We provide intelligent and timely research-based books, ebooks, pamphlets and booklets exploring current issues facing American adolescents and their families.

Our Mission is to:Teen Girl

  • Inform, engage and enliven parents, educators and mental health professionals about the current lifeworlds of American adolescents
  • Translate the latest research on adolescent brain development in a practical way for a non-scientific audience 
  • Bring a multi-disciplinary approach to the study and support of adolescents and pre-adolescents, engaging insights from such diverse fields as philosophy, psychology, cognitive neurobiology, and media studies 
  • Promote media literacy and fluency in understanding media as crucial 21st-century survival skills
  • Support and ease the work of parents, teachers and mental health professionals who support adolescents daily
  • Encourage reading and thinking about teens

Our inaugural title, The Approximate Parent: Discovering the Strategies that Work with Your Teenager, was published in July, 2012, and exemplifies our mission well. Written in a smart, funny, and friendly tone, The Approximate Parent helps parents translate what their particular teen thinks, feels, and does—providing practical ways of supporting their teen, from adolescence into adulthood. The work's strength is a powerful explication of how each teen's biology, temperament and developmental particularities are always in conversation with the demands and possibilities of the current culture. This highly accessible book is informed by the latest research on adolescent development, effects of digital media on youth and identity formation, relationships/ sexuality and trends in drug and alcohol use, drawing on insights from the disciplines of clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, epigenetics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and religious studies. Michael Y. Simon, MFT uses his 25 years of work with youth and families—as a psychotherapist, school counselor, university teacher and parent—to support those who support teens.

Click here, to learn more about The Approximate Parent.

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