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Austin, TX--Michael Simon's innovative 2012 title, The Approximate Parent: Discovering the Strategies That Work with Your Teenager (Fine Optics Press, 2012, ISBN 9780985227692) was announced as a winner in the Austin-based Reader Views 2013 Annual Literary Awards. Simon's popular parenting title was selected in the non-fiction parenting/family/relationships category. Reader Views, founded in 2005 to support independent publishers and authors, announced all the finalists on March 15 for the 2012 Annual Literary Awards. The awards were established to honor writers of self- and subsidy-published titles, along with those titles published by small press, university press, or independent book publisher geared for..

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  June 8, 2012 The Approximate Parent: Author Michael Simon Discusses his New Book on Parenting Teenagers by Annie Spiegelman When my son was a hell-on-wheels toddler I attended a parenting workshop on disciplining strong-willed children, led by Michael Simon, founder of As Simon waved goodbye on the last day of class, he gave us our final pep talk and said , "See ya when you have a teenager!" I laughed and thought to myself, I'm not coming back. What could possibly be harder than dealing with a two-year-old? Now I have a teenager and I recently called Michael Simon..

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Oakland, CA—When Bay Area psychotherapist Michael Simon woke up and found that his school-aged son was actually a teenager, he realized he was in big trouble. “It’s not that I wasn’t aware of adolescent development,” he laughs, “I just didn’t know how I was supposed to parent a teenager in a way that wouldn’t doom him to a future of paying people like me to sort out what I’d messed up.” Evidently Simon has figured a few things out. It’s been 14 years since that pivotal moment in the Simon household. And now on the heels of his son’s 26th..

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