FINE OPTICS PRESS is a publisher of incisive works on adolescents and adolescent development. Founded in 2011, we provide intelligent, research-based books, ebooks, pamphlets and booklets exploring current issues facing American adolescents and their families.

Our Mission is to:

  • Inform, engage and enliven parents, educators and mental health professionals about the current lifeworlds of American adolescents

  • Translate the latest research on adolescent brain development in a practical way for a non-scientific audience 

  • Bring a multi-disciplinary approach to the study and support of adolescents and pre-adolescents, engaging insights from such diverse fields as philosophy, psychology, cognitive neurobiology, and media studies 

  • Promote media literacy and fluency in understanding media as a crucial 21st century survival skill

  • Support and ease the work of parents, teachers and mental health professionals who support adolescents daily

  • Encourage reading and thinking about teens

Video highlights from Fine Optics Press author Michael Y. Simon

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